Surname,  Name  Position held Tel/fax Email address
  Mihail Machidon   Chairman Tel. 022-22-03-00  Fax.022-21-15-37
  Gheorghe Ploșniță   Vice President for Science Tel. 022-21-13-08
  Pavel Sochircă   Vice President for Production Tel. 022-21-13-08
  Ruslan Tabacari   Research, Experimental Testing of Plant Varieties for Field Crops Tel/fax. 022-21-14-63
  Aurelia Trofim   Research, Experimental Testing of Plant Varieties for  Perennial Crops Tel/fax. 022-21-14-63
  Liudmila Mihalachi   Research, Experimental Testing of Plant Varieties for Vegetable Crops Tel/fax. 022-21-14-63
   Lidia Dănilă Chief Accountant Tel/fax. 022-21-04-55
  Cristina Cojocari  Economist Tel/fax. 022-21-04-55
  Chiril Vătămanu   Director of the Center Băcioi Tel. 069-11-22-59  
  Eugenia Catlabuga   Director of the Center  Vîsoca Tel/fax. 0230-52-285  
  Alexei Spînu    Director of the Center  Grigorievca Tel/fax. 0243-75-024  
  Constantin Pascal   Director of the Center Zîrneşti Tel/fax. 0299-59-748  
  Irina Ciornaia    Chief   of the Sector Maramonovca Tel. 069-56-22-25  
  Pavel Cernev    Chief of the Sector Pelenia Tel. 069-11-55-46  
  Nina Zubco    Chief  of the Sector Nimereuca Tel. 069-11-88-70  
  Ion Caradjov    Chief  of the Sector Svetlî Tel. 069-24-42-97  
  Ivan Șeghev    Chief  of the Sector Tvardița Tel. 068-23-34-66  


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