Testing for Value for Cultivation and Use  (VCU)

VCU Test (value for cultivation and use) is significantly influenced by the area of cultivation, respectively is requiring economic aspect of the cultivation of one or another variety.

The provisions regarding the obligation to examine the value for cultivation and use, Article 4 (2) of Directive 2002/53 / EC are reflected in the Law on seed no. 68 of 05.04.2013 of the Government Decision no. 43 of 15.1.2013 in paragraph 6.

In Moldova, performing VCU test is provided in Article 95 of Law No. 39 of 2008 regarding the protection of plant varieties. Catalogue of Plant Varieties of the Republic of Moldova (Edition 2015) includes 2623 varieties of plants, 70 % of them are coming from abroad (mainly from the EU). Yearly it included approximately 200-250 new varieties and 110-170 are excluded, which proves satisfactory renewal of varieties and the vitality of The National Catalogue. Yearly are tested 1000 - 1200 plant varieties. From these varieties, taking into account the testing period (1-3 years), only 45-47 percent are accepted into the catalog, others do not satisfy the conditions of cultivation area.

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