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With the formation of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic, in August 1940, was established also the Inspectorate of State Commission "Sortoispîtanie"- Experimentation of species of cereal crops for Agricultural Popular Committee of the Soviet Union in Moldova. The main task of its was experimenting with species of agricultural crops and determining the most fruitful of them and valuable by quality with the aim of applying in agricultural production.

Subordinated to the Inspectorate were 3 experimental plots:

 Decision of the Soviet Commissars Norodnici forced Popular Agricultural Committee of Moldova to organize in 1945, 7 new experimental plots under agricultural households in the districts: Chişinău, Cotovsk , Taraclia, Baimaclia, Orhei, Bălţi, Zguriţa.

Based on the Soviet decision of Narodnici Commissars (SCN) of the Moldovian Soviet Socialist Republic N 516 of 06.06.1945 has been confirmed and submitted to the Agricultural Popular Committee of the Soviet Union, State network of experimental plots:

  1. State experimental plot (L.E.S) Visoca, Soroca;
  2. L.E.S. Cotovsc, county Chișinău;
  3. L.E.S. Taraclia, county Cahul;
  4. L.E.S. Baimaclia, county Cahul;
  5. L.E.S. Chiperceni, county Orhei;
  6. L.E.S. Bălți, county Bălți;

Based on the decision SCN of R. S. S. Moldavian N750 of 08.06.1945 "About additional organization of five experimental plots with cereal crops in Moldova ",

according to Decision SCN of the Soviet Union  N 368 of 07.06.1945  were established 5 new experimental plots with cereal, including an experimental batch of rice, with settlement in the counties: Soroca, Balti, Bender, Cahul - with rice, Chişinău. These experimental batches were organized based on farms.

In 1948 the experimental plots were organized: Ocniţa, Bender, Calaraşi and in 1949 in Chişinău.

According to the Decision of the Council of Ministers of Moldavian SSR N133 of 09.12.1952 were formed State experimental lot Slobozia, based on State  experimental plot with tobacco.

In the same year was established a state experimental lot to Susleni. According to the Decision of the Council of Ministers of Moldavian SSR N1085 of 03.10.1953 in order to enroll in experimental plots network  vegetables, potatoes and fodder - in the north of the republic; State experimental lot for vegetables from Cahul was transferred to the colkhoz Stalin, Tîrnov district was renamed Tîrnova. In April 1955  was created State experimental lot Străşeni - for silkworm rearing.

State Commission of the varieties tested of vegetables Crops of Ministry of Agriculture of Moldavian SSR  and Inspectorate of the State Commission for experimentation varieties of  Ministry of Agriculture of the Soviet Union was submitted 4 experimental batches of vegetables: Slobozia, Străşeni Balti, Tîrnova.

State experimental plot in the town Orhei Ivancea was transferred to the jurisdiction of Chişinău Agrarian Institute for conducting crop experimentation:

tobacco, melons and potatoes giving the name of Chişinău State experimental lot; State experimental lot Ocniţa in State  experimental lot Edineţ, State experimental lot Chişinău in Străşeni State  experimental lot. In its work Inspectorate of Moldavian SSR was subject during the years 1944 – 1956 to State Commission for Cereal crops, but during the years 1956 – 1967 to State Commission for Agricultural experimental culture.

State Commission Inspectorate for experimental crop farming of Ministry of Agriculture of the Soviet Union in Moldova have the responsibility for  organizational situation in State experimental plots and strict fulfillment of methodical indications.

Inspectorate for testing varieties of agricultural crops of the Soviet Union  was liquidated by Government Decision nr.282 of August 20, 1990 regarding certain measures to improve the administrative structure of Moldova agro-industrial complex. Based on liquidated inspectorate by Order No. 66 of October 26, 1990 for creation of specialized organizations of the agroindustrial complex of the Moldavian SSR It was created State Commission  of agricultural crops Variety Testing of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry. According to Government Decision nr.773 of 3 July 2007 For the implementation of Law No. 915-XIII of July 11, 1996 concerning the Protection of Plant Varieties is established the National Council for Plant Varieties.

In 1998 Moldova became a member of the International Union for the Protection of Plant Varieties (UPOV) - 72 countries are members too.

Law no. 39 of 29.02.2008 concerning the Protection of Plant Varieties was developed in accordance with International Convention for the protection of new plant varieties ( Аctl, 1991 a.). The law was approved by the International Union.

Government Decision No. 43 of 01.15.2013 approving the Regulation on the testing and acceptance of varieties in the catalog of varieties of plants, It is supported by Directive 2002/53 / EU of 13.06.2002.

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